GST103- Computer Fundamentals- Past Questions

1. In most software packages, the function key F1 is used to run the _____program.
2. ________are peripheral devices used to digitize artwork, photographs, text, or other items
from hard copy.
3. Expansion Slots on motherboards are for…….
Adapter Cards
4. The chips have data written on them during manufacturing that tells the CPU what to do when
the PC is switched on is referred to as
5. In Operating systems the primary interface between the user and the rest of the system is its
Command Interpreter
6. This short cut key combination deletes a line in most text documents.
7. _______ consists of expensive and very fast memory chips that store the data or instructions
that the CPU will look at next.
Cache Memory
8. Modern Computer Operating Systems may be classified into any the following except
9. A series of coded instructions showing the logical steps the computer follows to solve a given
problem is called a
10. Computer program that accepts a source program in one high-level language, reads and
translates the entire user’s program into an equivalent program in machine language is referred to
11. Assembly language has a one-to-one relationship with machine language, but uses symbols
and ______for particular items.
12. The acronym MIS stands for
Management Information System
13. A program is normally tested by executing with
test data
14. ____is a graphical representation of the major steps of work in process
15. This flowchart symbol is for
Decision making
16. This flowchart symbol is for
Junction point of program
17. An abstraction of a program to be executed on a physical machine is an
18. ____is a program design aid that serves the function of a flowchart in expressing the detailed
logic of a program.
19.An unambiguous way of showing the actions to be taken when a given set of conditions occur is
by using a
Decision table
20. Computers and Information Technology is now applied in every field EXCEPT
None of the options
21. Computer is fast becoming the universal machine of the……..
21st century.
22. Early computers were ……………………… to be owned by individuals.
large in size and too expensive
23. The term ………… is referred to facts about a person, object or place e.g. name, age,
complexion, school, class, height etc.

24. Is referred to as processed data or a meaningful statement e.g. Net pay of workers, examination
results of students, list of successful candidates in an examination or interview etc.
25. The ……….. of data processing involves the use of chalk, wall, pen pencil and the like.
Manual method
26. The ……… of data processing involves the use of machines such as typewriter, roneo machines,
adding machines and the like.
Mechanical method
27. The computer has both ……… and ………. facilities for holding data and instructions. This
capacity varies from one machine to the other.
Internal and external storage
28. The computer ……….. comprises the input unit, the processing unit and the output unit.
29. ……… are the series of instructions that enable the computer to perform a task or group of tasks
Computer software
30. ……………ranges from the building housing the other elements of the computing system namely
the computer and the users, the furniture, auxiliary devices such as the voltage stabilizer, the
Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS), the fans, the air conditioners etc

The computing environment

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