Guidelines For NOUN Graduation Clearance Exercise

 Your name MUST be on the Graduation  list   

You must provide  evidence  of  correct  registration  of  Courses  and  Exams  by providing  your  Course  and  Exam  Registration  slips  or  complete  E-Wallet.  

 Provide  evidence  of  payment  of  Jamb  Regularization  (6,000)  and  Result verification  (Postgraduate:  10,000  ,  Undergraduate:  5,000)   All Noun Graduating  students,  especially  those  whose  names  are  on  the  New Website,  must  print  out  their  E-Wallets  from  their  portals 

  Proof of  payment  of  CORRECT  PROJECT FEE   Students  that  registered  Projects  before  January  1,  2014,  with  10,000  are  free. But  those  that  registered  Project  with  10,000  after  the  above  date,  must  pay  a balance  of  5,000. 

  Any student  with  a  Negative  balance  in  the  portal  must  clear  the  balance  before he/she  can  be  cleared. 

  All Graduating  Students  must  Pay  CONVOCATION  and  REGISTRATION FEE  of  15,000.  Upon  return  of  the  Gown  in  good  condition  within  the  stipulated time,  a  refund  of  5,000  will  be  made  to  the  student  into  the  student’s  bank account. 

  The Payment of  the  15,000  should  be  strictly  for  the  CONVOCATION  and REGISTRATION  via  REMITA  website   NOUN  Convocation  Ceremony Information 

  1 Graduation  Gown  –    N15,000 
  2 Federal  Alumni  due  –  N5000  
 3 Study  center  Alumni  due  –  N2500   That’s,  a  total  of  N22,500  is required  for  this exercise. 

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