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How To Reflect Remita Payment In Your Portal

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A lot of students have been complaining that after making a successful payment with the remita pin generated from their portal, yet the money do not automatically reflect in the student portal. 

Today i will take you through the steps on how you can personally rectify this problem, but after going through the processes below and your money is still not reflecting in your wallet, then you need to go and lay a formal complain at the accountant’s office in your study centre. The steps below can be followed by people who made online payment or at any bank branch.  sponsored! Follow These Simple Steps to Rectify the Problem. 

Step 1: Go to (please don’t login to your portal yet) please use Google Chrome as your default browser 

Step 2: At the menu bar click on Check RRR 

Step 3: In the next page that opens, then you will be asked to CHECK REMITA PAYMENT STATUS, simply put your RRR Number. 

NOTE: do not put any dash (-) or space between the RRR Numbers. then you choose the transaction type. and you click on the Check button. 

You should get a response that your payment was successful, in case you did not get a “success” message, then you have to keep trying the above steps, sometimes it might take up to 24-48 hours, depending on the network availability before your payment is approved. But if after some days you made payment either at the bank branch or with your debit card and you still don’t get a successful message from the 3 steps  above, please go to the accountants office in your study centre so that he or she can manually load your money into your wallet. But if after you follw the steps above, and it was successful then proceed to the next step. 

Step 4: Go to again, but this time you will click on Student Login, fill in your matric number and password. sponsored! 

Step 5: After successful login, then you click on Manage Wallet, there will be a drop down menu choose the Check Wallet Payment option 

Step 6: when the page opens input your Matric Number and the remita Number and as well click on Check Wallet Payment. You should also get a successful message again or you go to the accountant’s office in your study centre to lay a complain. But if your transaction is successful then you can go ahead to register for your course and exam. 

Finally, I hope this was helpful, if you have any question you can leave it at the comment box bellow or send me a personal mail using the Contact Us page above.

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