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Notice To All Students

1 0 29 - Notice To All Students

1 0 29 - Notice To All Students

We bring to the notice of Students, Staff, NOUN Management, and the General Public that Study Centre and National Election of the Congres of NOUN Students has been stated to hold as follows:
1. Study Centre – 6th July, 2019
2. National – 13th July, 2019
Interested Candidates are to:
1. Purchase the election form according to interested category as in below
i. 10,000.00, 7,000.00 and 3,000 for President,  Vice Presidents and others respectively.
ii. 5,000.00 and 3,000 for Study Centre Representative and others respectively 
2.  log on to
3. Upload, duly filled application form, evidence of purchase of form, manifesto, Admission Letter, Last exam registration slip, and others as may be required in the portal.
Candidates are to begin campaign from 16th June, 2019 to 3rd July and 9th July for Study Centre and National respectively. 
It should be noted that:
i. Anyone found campaigning after these dates will be disqualified. 
ii. The Voting portal shall be opened for Study Centre Elections 12 midnight 6th July and close 12 midnight 7th July 2019
iii. Only registered Students of a centre will see the positions and person going for that post in that centre.
iv. Result collation is automated as every vote voted for and to whom will be displayed for everyone in that centte
v. All campaign material (e.g written statements) must be approved by the CONSEC or any approved body, who will ensure content meets CONS standard.
vi. Candidates are allowed a maximum of two posters on the notice board(s).
vii. A sheet counts as poster. Sheets must be no larger than twin size. T-shirts count as a poster.
No material may be distributed (i.e., candy or food).
viii. Any candidate caught defacing or removing another candidate’s materials will forfeit candidacy
viii. No campaign material may slander any other candidate
ix. All campaign material must be removed by the closing of polls on the second Election Day.
x. All posters must be placed in approved locations and must meet the Posting guideline.
xi. Candidates must not have a GP lower than 3.0, must not be in 100 first semester and second semester 400 Level.

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1 Comment

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    April 18, 2020 at 11:23 pm

    It is a good development

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