NOUN GST TMA Portal Login Guidelines for New Students

  • Username for every student is his/her matriculation number.
  • The Password is the matriculation number in lower case (Small letters).
  • You must be forced to change your password on the first login.
  • Upload a new passport immediately you log into your portal.
  • Read through the GST Modules as directed before you can have access to the GST Course TMA Link.
  • You can see the TMAs on the course page but they will not be enabled until you have completely read the modules.

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  1. Please, I have tried to login for my GST103 but it keeps telling me to join a group. I have tried to join a group but I don't see any option for joining a group. Please help..

  2. please I can't seem to Login, is telling me invalid login even smal nou

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