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NOUN TMA CIT 351 solutions

1 0 117 - NOUN TMA CIT 351 solutions

1 0 117 - NOUN TMA CIT 351 solutions

1. C# programming is specially developed for writing applications for ___ and embedded systems
Answer: Hostile (c)

2. Essentially .NET framework runs on ___ operating systems.
Answer: Windows (c)

3. C# is described as a ___ typed language. Answer: Strongly (c)

4. Primarily, managed applications are run in ___ language
Answer Machine (c)

5. C# is specifically designed to be a __ purpose, object-oriented programming language
Answer Dual (c)

6. Within the context of object-oriented programming, a set of data and the operations performed on them is described as a ___.
Answer Type (D)

7. A common platform that is designed to be hosted by any operating system is the ____.
Answer: .NET (B)

8. In order to encourage the proper application of ___ ,the ECMA influences the setting in which they are applied.
Answer: Standards (B)

9. All the following are software engineering principles except ___ .
Answer: Class void attrition (A)

10.  All the following programmes had facilitated the design of C# programming language except __
Answer: Jtalk (B)

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