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NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BFN852- Public Financial Management Contd.

1 0 134 - NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BFN852- Public Financial Management Contd.

1 0 134 - NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BFN852- Public Financial Management Contd.

Q21 The most commonly used method of budgeting in the public sector is 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦

line- item or incrementa l budget

Q22 The tax levied on the gains or profits realised from sales of assets is called

Capital Gain s Tax

Q23 The tax rate which diminishes as income level/tax base increases is called

Regressive Tax

Q24 One of these is not part of Goods exempted from VAT payment:

Medical services

Q25 Value Added Tax has the following characteristics except

It is a personal inco me tax.

Q26 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.. can be defined as income generated by public sector from various services rendered.

Govern ment (Public) revenue

Q27 The means by which the CBN engages in a regular dialogue with banks and other financial institutions to encourage enhanced efficiency in the banking industry is called􀳦?􀳦..

Moral Suasion

Q28 One of the following is not the primary objectives of monetary policy in Nigeria in recent years:

to curb aggregate demand in the economy

Q29 􀳦?􀳦.. is concerned with discretionary control of money supply by the monetary authorities in other to achieve stated or desired economic goals.

Monetary policy

Q30 The items on the Concurrent legislature list in Nigeria exclude one of the following

legal tender currency

Q31 The responsibilities of the federal Government are listed􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.

in the exclusive le gislative list

Q32 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦 means the reduction of taxes in certain areas of the economy in order to increase disposable income among businessmen, individuals and corporate bodies

Fiscal policy through ta xation

Q33 The oil boom of the 1970s propelled Nigeria into the class of countries with 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦

higher per capita income

Q34 The government may 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦… in order to reduce imports and encourage exports so as to minimise the balance of payment deficits

impose taxes

Q35 The objectives of development plans do not include one of the following .

to achieve full employment

Q36 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦. means having to do with taxation, public revenue or public debt


Q37 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦. is based on norms and value of good governance with corporate identity and focus.

public financial management

Q38 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦.. is lacking when government activities are conducted in secret.

Democratic con sent

Q39 Those who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the inflows and outflows of money are so arranged that money is always available to make necessary payments as they arise are called

Public Finanacial Managers

Q40 􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦􀳦?􀳦 defined as the measures put in place to control the people’s money or funds.

Public financia l management

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