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NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BIO408- Soil Ecology

1 0 145 - NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BIO408- Soil Ecology

1 0 145 - NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BIO408- Soil Ecology

Q1 ____ is defined as the mass per unit volume of soil solides

Soil particle density

Q2 _____ describes the manner in which soil particles are aggregated

Soil structure

Q3 _____ are major factors have the greatest influence on the colour of soil except

organic matter content
water content
presence and oxidation states of iron and manageress oxides
—none of the option

Q4 A standard system for accurate colour description has been developed using __

munseu colou r charts

Q5 ____have little effects on the behaviour and use of soils

Soil colours

Q6 Soils display a wide range of colours like

yell ow
—All of the option

Q7 are basis soil physical properties except

pore si zes
—none of th e option

Q8 Water is crucial to ___.


Q9 the capacity of ____ to store available water determines to a great extent their sefulness for plant growth.


Q10 The least limiting water range concept tells us that soils are too dry for normal

root growth

Q11 Soil compaction generally reduces the amount of ____ that plants can take up


Q12 The only way to determine whether a soil is acidic, neutral or alkaline is by carrying out a

Plant analysis

Q13 _____have provided a means for monitoring waste products on farm lands in order to ensure maximum crop performance

Plant analysis

Q14 _____ is very effective in documenting response to nutrient applications

Plant analysis

Q15 The nitrate content of mature _____ is measured at the end of the season

plant stalk

Q16 ____ consists of sampling of the tissues, analysing them for their chemical constituents and interpreting the results.

Tissue Analys is

Q17 Nutrient concentration of essential elements in plant is related to plant growth or _____.

crop yield

Q18 One of the basic tools of available for diagnosing soil fertility problems is ___

plant tissue analysis

Q19 The continuous availability of plant _____ is critical for the sustainability of most ecosystems.


Q20 _____ is an invaluable tool in making fertiliser recommendations

Soil testing

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