NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BUS818- Rewards and Compensation Management

Q1 ____________ is the function for influencing, guiding and motivating staff.


Q2 ______________ is the last in the sequential listing of the management functions

Controlli ng

Q3 Which management function reduces areas of uncertainity that surround management decision?

Forecastin g

Q4 Which of the management functions is a prerequisite of the others?


Q5 Organization structure primarily refers to __________

How activities are coordinat ed and controlled

Q6 Which of the following is not a managerial function?

Accounti ng

Q7 Which of the management functions involves designing and achieving stated objectives?


Q8 Which management function deals with conscious choice of decisions about actions to be taken?


Q9 ______________ function deals with establishing positions and patterns of leadership

Organizin g

Q10 Which of the following describes a network of personal and social relations arising from people’s interaction with each other?

Informa l organization

Q11 Which of the following is not a feature of an informal organization?


Q12 __________ is the process of influencing people so that they will contribute to the goals of an organization


Q13 When a leader avoids anger, resentment and fear, it is known as:

Emotional stability

Q14 Which of the following is not a quality of a good leader?

Not tolerating mistake s

Q15 Effective control requires all but one of the following:

Being rigid

Q16 ______________ is the process that measures current performance and guides it towards the accomplishment of an objective


Q17 Which of the following is not correct about effective control?

Control should be very rigid for eff ectiveness

Q18 Which one of the these is not a sign of inadequate control:

Sick leave by subordinates

Q19 One of the following is crucial to managing successfully through the basic management functions

Setting an objective

Q20 When a supervisor directs an employee about what to do and when to do it, it is called:

Directed coordination

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