NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: EDA856- Problems And Issues In Higher Education Contd.

Q21 Quality “A”s stand for —–

Accountability, Audit and Asse ssment

Q22 The following steps would deepen quality in Nigerian higher Education operations EXCEPT—-

Q23 Abnormal features of cross-border higher Education include all EXCEPT—-


Manageable population of qualified undergraduate s

Q24 One of the following is Not a problem associated with Quality Assurance in Nigerian higher Education

Ability to meet the growing demand for skilled manpower in technology and Science

Q25 Auditing in higher institutions could cover all of the following areas EXCEPT—-

Provision of open reso urce management

Q26 The following are important elements of formal quality assurance procedures in higher institutions EXCEPT—-

Dependen ce on external opinion


Q27 The following are the purposes of quality assurance in higher institutions in Nigeria EXCEPT—–

Sustaining students, parents and emp loyers

Q28 The duties of the quality assurance unit in a University include all EXCEPT—–

Inspection of physical facilities in the institution

Q29 The following activities must be performed by the management of higher institutions EXCEPT—–

Trivialise good communication within the inst itution and with the stakeholders outside the institution

Q30 Which quality measurement approach is most appropriate for both quality assurance and enhancement purposes


Quantitativ e

—All of the ab ove


None of the abov e

Q31 Which one of the following is Not among the criteria for Good Governance and Management for members of the Governing council

Membership need not have repre sentative of the community in which the institution is located


Q32 The most important resource in an academic institution is its —

Academic staff

Q33 Which quality measurement faciltates performance comparability especially on a longitudinal basis

Quantitative Method

Q34 Which of the Following is not an element for assessing Quality Assurance in higher Education in Nigeria


Q35 The following approaches were adopted to establish high standards and quality in higher Education in Nigeria EXCEPT——-


Admission Assurance

Q36 Which quality measurement fails to meet up with the benchmark for performance


Q37 The two widely used systems of Quality Assurance in higher Education are — and —

Decertification and Accreditatio n

Q38 Which method of measurement of Quality provides richer data which can inform decision-making for quality enhancement purposes

Qualitative Method


Q39 Quality assurance in Education has become an all- embracing concept that includes all policies, processes and actions through the quality of Education provided is developed and maintained. This definition was provided by—


Q40 When work gets done or things get fixed in the short term in order to meet assessment targets, it is referred to as—

Gaming the system

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