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NOUN VC: “Our portal is still a baby, that we are growing ourselves”

1 0 19 - NOUN VC: “Our portal is still a baby, that we are growing ourselves”

1 0 19 - NOUN VC: “Our portal is still a baby, that we are growing ourselves”

The Vice chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria, Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu who was warmly welcomed on air on Friday morning commenced with an appreciation note to the NOUN community. 

On the duration of TMA address and what happened last semester regarding the impromptu closure of tma site, the VC made mention of students not utilizing the time frame for the submission of TMAs. 

He alarmed that failure to use the time allocated to TMAs and resorting to the one day deadline can and will only subject the portal to pressure which would lead to denial of service which leads to inaccessibility… The conversation sailed to the news making rounds about moving Mushin study center to VI. 

He said that the issue of Mushin study centre relocation is in court owing to increase in rent which he considered “unfair”. He further said the court will conclude the case. As regards the relationship that go bad between students and the center officials, the VC said that most of the times, the students come with attitude which the centre officials react to. 

He however said that if there is any reason to believe that any staff treats the students unfairly, such staff would be let go as the “clients are more important that the staff” Responding to the issue and challenges of students getting responses as related to their academic activities online without going to the study centers, the VC said that “most of the NOUN staff are old school” and cannot really relate with the get age students as much online. 

He also mentioned his dislike of some social media platforms to give answers. “ I simply quit Twitter cos I don’t like people following me to monitor my everyday activities “ “i only use whatsapp with my family to share pictures” More comments from VC on the developments at the Abuja campus. He mentioned that the campus is fast on development as they now have a sports center at the Abuja campus. 

When asked if he intends to use the basketball court at the center, he said” I can’t play basketball cos I’m not tall, i can only play volley ball” He also mentioned that Mosque and Churches are being built privately at the headquarters. According to the VC, there will be virtual lectures in NOUN soon as students won’t rely exclusively on course materials any more for studies as lecturers would come to teach with smart boards. 

The VC said negotiations are ongoing with NBC for a radio license in the Abuja campus as the number of students in Abuja (about 17k students)is more than those in Lagos (about 10-11k students). He also mentioned that a video studio is also in construct to facilitate learning. On the issue of students having serial ‘Fs’ on their last result; the VC narrated that his daughter who is currently having her masters programme complained of same challenge. 

According to him, he told the daughter to resit the exams even though she prepared and did well in the previous exams. He therefore encourages affected students to resit the courses with such challenge. He also discourages students from using malicious websites/ accounts not recognized by the school management. 

On the issue of portal malfunctions et all , he said “ Our portal is still a baby, that we are growing ourselves” However, he mentioned that the biggest issues with the portal are hackers who go to the platform to alter grades and perpetrate other activities. He said that the hackers are in two categories; the insiders and the outsiders. The VC revealed that the university recently dismissed about four staff on related issue. 

On the issue of having student union, The VC said that Noun law does not allow student union, however, students can form peaceful union just like Law students et all for the attainment of departmental objectives. The VC hinted that ‘the institution’s printing press is ready and the machines’, He said “we are just waiting for NEPA for electricity” to commence operation. 

He also said the institution has her drone shots ready for the printing press commencement. In all, the VC encouraged all students with the story of Nelson Mandela who went from Prison to Presidency. He said that such touching story teaches that no matter your status, God can uplift you. He therefore encourages all students to emulate the late Nelson Mandela who fought his way up and never gave up. 

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