I think you guys should probably be preparing for exams from now.
Things are getting better and permanent in NOUN: *UPGRADE* doesn’t work anymore….
Fake wallet funding have been unveiled  and a host of others are in progress. It’s one step at a time.

These two achievements may sound simple but it took months of foreign expertise and money to handle the leaks.

Even as we hope that the server resources would lead us through this semester, the discrepancies in results would be rectified. It requires patience. Last semester it seemed the management didn’t care about students cry over TMA closure without official notification but this semester an official notification has been posted on the website which shows, your voices are still heard and the management actually cares.

I sympathize with you but, I’ll advise you don’t publicly damage your future.

Currently, Nigerians are starting to respect NOUN but some of your comments might cause more harm than good.

I hereby advise, urge and encourage every NOUN students’ group Administrators to condemn all acts of smearing/slandering the name of the school NOUN across the social media.

When things goes wrong, kindly be patient if it affects everyone… Even you’re not perfect.

It’s not too late to start everything, if students can have a great server, ONE WEEK is enough to complete payments and all registrations.

Thank you. 

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