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TMA Questions and Answers CSS246- Legal and Social Framework of Private Security Services in Nigeria

1 0 54 - TMA Questions and Answers CSS246- Legal and Social Framework of Private Security Services in Nigeria

1 0 54 - TMA Questions and Answers CSS246- Legal and Social Framework of Private Security Services in Nigeria

Q1 Robbers are typically criminals making a direct assault on people for —– or —–

cash and properties

Q2 The purpose of espionage is to gather knowledge about an —–

organiz ation

Q3 The unauthorized recording of a musical broadcast on radio, television or a live concert is called —–


Q4 Piracy refers to the —- duplication and distribution of recordings


Q5 Piracy as a —– act

crimin al

Q6 The basic guard training covers chapters related to the basic legal framework, security procedures, health and —–

safety provisions

Q7 Advantages of the Private Security Industry include the following except —–

it breeds thugs

Q8 A company which, for itself or under contract with another,transports currency, securities, valuables, jewellery, food stamps, or any other item that requires secured and insured delivery from one place to another with armed personnel is called —–

Armoured Car Com pany

Q9 what is a protective service provided by one entity, specializing in such services, to another entity on a compensated basis

Contract Securit y Service

Q10 Chief —– is addled with the responsibility of managing and controlling of information.

information off icer

Q11 Chief —– is responsible for the integrity of the information disseminated throughout the company system

secu rity officer

Q12 A crucial element of security management is coordinating the many —– Within and outside the firm so that the organizationn runs smoothly

specialized functio ns

Q13 A good risk management program involves —– Basic steps


Q14 A rational and orderly approach as well as comprehensive solution to problem identification and probability determination is called —–

risk assessment analysis

Q15 A second critieria for obtaining license to perform private guarding activities is —–

background screening of criminal records

Q16 According to the national legal systems ‘regular’ private security guards operate under governance of the ministry of —–

interio r

Q17 According to —–, 􀳦??Human rights represent demands or claims which individuals or group make on society, some of which are protected by law, while others remain aspirations to be attained in future.

Prof. Osira Eze

Q18 Routine —– allows management to devise standard procedures for subordinates to follow


Q19 An application for licence shall be accompanied by such fee as the —– may prescribe


Q20 An Example of a threat which can damage infrastucture is —–


Q21 armoured car guards usually protect —– and —– During transit

money and val uable

Q22 as a genarl rule, specializatio increases workers productivity and —–


Q23 As crime remains a high priority issue, many turn to —– or their protection

PSC􀳦 ??s

Q24 Audio Equipment: Includes Analog and —–

Digital Recorder

Q25 Besides bonuses for time spent with the company, a further series of additional payments are expected to be added to the basic salary package except —–

pension bonus

Q26 Both —– and —– is compulsory for security guards

theoretical and practic al

Q27 Cameras Includes Body Worn Cameras, Bullet Cameras, and —–

Covert Camer as

Q28 CCTV is used for more security coverage in place of —–

shortage of perso nnel

Q29 CCTV means —–

closed circuit televis ion

Q30 cetralization is the retention of decision-making authority by a —–

high-level manage r

Q31 clerical and cleaning jobs are done by —–

subordinate s taff

Q32 cognitive strategies of coflict management is otherwise called —–

defence mechanism

Q33 conflcits arising from sets of prescribed behaviour is called —–

role conflict

Q34 conflict arising from the need to manage the interdependence between different organizational subunits is called —–

structural co nflict

Q35 equipment that is not carried by security officers but which many officers have in their vehicles for maintening crime scene is —–

portable barricades

Q36 Example of critical infrastructure include —–


Q37 Halogen security company limited was incorporated in —–

July, 9 2

Q38 An exhaustive physical examination of the premises and a thorough inspection of all operational systems and procedures is essentially called —–

security survey

Q39 if two sub-units in an organizational system have differentated goals and are functionally interdependent, conditions exist for conflict which is called —–

inter departmenta l conflcit

Q40 In addition to providing the framework for effectively selecting private security officers, the Ministry of Interior and —– on Guidelines calls for a formal mechanism to establish minimum training requirements certified by a regulatory body.


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