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TMA Solutions: POL322- Comparative Federalism

1 0 53 - TMA Solutions: POL322- Comparative Federalism

1 0 53 - TMA Solutions: POL322- Comparative Federalism

Question: In any polity the workings of government structures and processes are dictated 

Answer:the system of government

Question: Modern governmental systems can be categorised within broad categorisations 


Question: which of these scholars identified nine species of federal political systems 

Answer:Daniel Elazar

Question: The following political system except are examples of climes that combine the features of federalism with other political systems 


Question: An example of a polity ruled jointly by two external powers is 


Question: There are broad variants of federalism


Question: The European viewpoint on federalism is heavily skewed in favour of 

Answer:conceptualisation of federalism

Question: The father of modern federalist thought is 

Answer:Johannes Althusius

Question: Which of these scholars recommends a confederation for peace 

Answer:Immanuel Kant

Question: Which of these scholars argued for the autonomy of Emdem 

Answer:Johannes Althusius 

Question: Confederal arrangements as a combination for a polity was put forward by 

Answer:Baron de Montesquieu

Question: Johannes Althusius position on forms of government was moltivated by 

Answer:the French Huguenots

Question: In world history the Calvinists are known for the development of 

Answer:doctrine of resistance

Question: Which of these scholars advocated for a a non sectarian state 

Answer:Johannes Althusius

Question: The best way to ensure individual liberty and freedom in any political setting is through 


Question: Which of these scholars warned about the Obsolescence of Federalism 

Answer:Harold Laski

Question: In any polity the structure and working process of the executive is determined by 

Answer:The system of government

Question: The basis of competitive federalism is traceable to which country 


Question: The following scholars except argued for the adoption of an interlocking federal arrangement 

Answer:David Humes

Question: The French Protestant Huguenots is known for 

Answer:The theory of legitimacy 

Question: The executive in a polity which exercises substantive powers is dictated by 

Answer:The constitution

Question: Which of these countries has no nominal executives 


Question: The administration of justice by the state must be permanent according to 

Answer:Jeremy Bentham

Question: The most important arm of government is the 

Answer:The legislature

Question: The making of the United States constitution was influenced by 

Answer:separation of powers

Question: political autonomy of the Cantons in Switzerland is derived from 

Answer:unwritten tradition

Question: An example of plural executive state is 


Question: The Principle of Subsidiarity is traceable to the 

Answer:The Catholics

Question: A system employed by heterogeneous societies to stabilise the political environment is known as 

Answer:The consociational approach

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