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Casual dating: 7 reasons why it’s the best thing ever!


Casual dating: 7 reasons why it’s the best thing ever!

Casual dating is basically the act of what many millennials would just call “dating.” For those who aren’t sure what the difference is, casual dating means you go on a bunch of dates with someone but don’t necessarily have a committed relationship.

Meaning you don’t guarantee them your attention and presence as much as you would if you were in an actual relationship with them. Many people are finding this way a much better alternative.

As the world becomes more accepting of different ways of living, younger generations are taking full advantage of this by casually dating people rather than jumping right into a relationship.

Casual dating seems to be the norm nowadays, but it wasn’t always like this. This is why people are turning to casual dating instead of commitment.

There are a lot of different reasons why people do this instead of fully committing to the first person catching their fancy. Here’s 7 reasons why people are focused on casual dating now more than ever before:

1. They have more freedom 

Casual dating gives you the most amount of freedom while still having someone to please you and keep you warm at night. You can go about your life just as you normally would—free as you can be—and not have to worry about upsetting your boyfriend or girlfriend because they’re technically not labeled.

2. They can meet a lot of new people

Casual dating is best for getting to know the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. If you’re in a relationship, you really only meet people interconnected with your partner or your friends. That’s far too limiting.

3. They learn what they like in a person better

Casual dating allows you to meet a lot of different types of people. That being said, you get to interact on an intimate level with a lot of different personality types and you can better decipher which qualities you really want in someone long-term. Think of it like practice for the big game.

4. It’s easier to leave when they’ve had enough

You will find more men that want to casually date than there are women, and this reason is primarily why. When you’re not fully committed to someone, it’s really easy to cut those ties and leave without much drama.

5. Focusing on their career is more important than finding a life partner

This is especially true for people in their 20s. In casual dating, they’re still getting the human contact and intimacy they desire, but they’re able to put 100% of their efforts into their job without the distraction of a relationship.

6. Reduces the amount of jealousy in the “relationship”

If you’re casually dating someone and all parties are aware there isn’t really a commitment to the two of you as a couple, then there shouldn’t be any jealousy.

Jealousy is the single worst thing about being with anyone. It’s volatile and can ruin almost anything good in a person. So by casually dating, you’re eliminating this debilitating emotion that can get out of hand in a real relationship.

7. They just want the fun of a relationship without the hardships

Just like there isn’t nearly as much jealousy, there’s also less of everything difficult about a relationship. Basically, people are focused on casual dating now because they reap all the benefits of a relationship without having to deal with the struggles.

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