DJ Chynaman shares heartwarming picture with his granny

DJ Chynaman has taken to his social media handle to share the special moment he had with his granny when he went to visit her.

He revealed how his granny always kiss him on the hand as he shares heartwarming post of him and his granny on social media that melted many hearts.

Often grandparents take on a lot more than they get credit for.

Some raise their grandchildren and fill in the gaps that the parents were not able to they are some of life’s greatest blessing.

However, DJ Chynaman’s granny is a very big part of his life and one of the women who will forever ill have a big piece of his heart.

DJ Chynaman started his music career out in KZN doing small gigs for SARS and quickly ventured out on his own to grow his career.

He has even now ventured out onto Mzansi’s small screens.

Taking to social media, DJ Chynaman posted a few pictures of his visit to his granny’s and explained how she always gives him kisses on the hand.

“With my granny ❤️ She kisses my hand all the time.” 

Fans took to the comment section to let DJ Chynaman know just how lucky he is to still have his granny around and what a special moment he has shared.

It is moments like these that really let fans in on the true person a celeb really is.



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