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How to tell if you’re in a low key relationship or a secret affair

What is the difference between a low key relationship and someone who simply wants to hide the fact that you’re together?

We’ve all been there. Out of nowhere, someone tells you that they’ve having a great time with you, but they want a low key relationship for now. What does that even mean?

There are two ways to look at this.

Firstly, it’s perfectly fine to be in a low key relationship if that’s what you both want. This means that you’re taking things slow, not rushing into anything, casual about it all, and not declaring your love for one another on every social media platform that you’re a member of.

You might be seen out in public together occasionally, but it’s not a regular thing. You might have mutual friends and hang out as a group. But you’re not introducing them to other friends and family just yet.

There is another way to look at the low key relationship idea. If you’re crazy about one another, if you love spending time together and you’re enjoying the ‘can’t keep your hands off one another’ stage, why hide it?

That is where you need to draw the line. Sometimes the line between low key and hidden relationships can be extremely blurry.

Where does one end and the other start?

If the person you’re seeing lies about being with you, panics when people see you together, and completely avoids any admission that there might be something more than friendship going on between you when asked by other people, you’re a secret.

However, if they’re not hiding it, and when asked they talk about it quite openly, it’s a low key relationship.

If you’re pretty sure that there isn’t a low key deal going on here, but you’re hidden away, it’s time to wave goodbye. Seriously! You deserve better.

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