Jub Jub’s advise gone wrong – “2020 is really just a year for staying alive”

Jub Jub has been dropping motivational words and advice for months, but the recent words shared to followers got him in hot water.

Taking to Instagram, the TV personality says being alive in 2020 is a huge goal on its own, amidst reports on deaths.

“2020 is really just a year for staying alive, don’t even talk about your dreams or your plans, you wasting your time. Just make sure you stay alive, if you can stay alive then you would’ve made a profit already.”

These words didn’t seat well with some most of his fans.

Late hip-ho star, HHP’s wife disagreed saying: “You can’t dismiss your plans or dreams. For many that’s what’s keeping them alive… myself included.”

“Chaaa!! I disagree! COVID-19 or no COVID-19 I’m dreaming, I’m planning and I’m implementing and that’s the reality,” another follower said.


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Due to observation, it’s with no doubt that Jub Jub contradicts himself with that post. The star has made big move with his show, Uyajola 9/9, as it’s one of the most watched shows in South Africa with over 2.5 million viewership.

Why not cancel the show and try stay alive?

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