Lady Zamar slams government officials for stealing covid-19 funds

Musician Lady Zamar took to her twitter handle to speak out on how Covid-19 has affected Mzansi.

She stated that the actions of the corrupt government has made the situation worse by not giving to people.

Zamar said that those who steal funds meant to help citizens survive the pandemic and the lockdown understood the effects of their actions.

“Sometimes you wonder if people who steal funds meant for impoverished and disadvantaged people understand that by their actions, they’re pointing a loaded gun at the people who need those funds,” She said.

She said it broke her heart to think about the people affected negatively by Covid-19 and the lockdown that was implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re going through a lot, yes. Covid-19 is affecting the global economy, but developing countries are casualties in so many other different ways.

“I’m sorry that so many people have been financially affected by Covid-19. It breaks my heart that our country already prior to the lockdown was going through a lot, and now I can’t even begin to imagine how people who’ve lost their jobs are coping and dealing with the stress.”


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