Maps Maponyane speaks on how Covid-19 has affected his business

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused not only the deaths of people but has also reduced the rate at which people get income daily.

However, Maps Maponyane took to his social media to be tell his fans the honest truth about how Covid-19 has affected his business.

The Buns Out burger restaurant owner stated that the Covid-19 has caused a lot of damages in his business.

He said this has generally been a devastating period overall.

Nevertheless, with all what his going own, Maps still assured his fans but they hope it will get better and that they have strategic ideas which will hopefully help the business survive this difficult period.

The fan tweeted, “Maps, how has the pandemic impacted your restaurant, bro?” 

Maps responded, “The truth? Horribly. It’s been devastating, but we have faith and hope it will get better. The reality is that we can’t carry on like this for too long for it to still make business sense. But we have a couple (of) strategic ideas that will hopefully mitigate that. Thanks for asking.” 

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