Mzansi react to Boity blessing a good Samaritan who returned R9 000

Boity Thulo blesses local good samaritan who returned R9 000

The samaritan has been all over twitter after he returned a certain amount of money which was sent to him accidentally.

Seeing this, Boity Thulo was amazed and was touched by the act of honesty as she offer Wandile some money to show how surprised she is seeing people like Wandile still exist.

Wandile took to Twitter to share that a stranger accidentally paid R9 000 into his bank account and was understandably upset about the mistake.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, Wandile returned it to the rightful owner and this inspired Mzansi.

Boity acknowledged that returning R9 000 must have been very tough, especially during these times.

She offered to e-wallet Wandile some money.

“This must’ve been tough especially during these times. I’m so glad you did the right thing. May I send you an eWallet?”

Social media users had mixed reactions to Boity’s gesture.

Twitter user MzimbaSiphe said: “I’m the one who told him to send it back, we are friends.”

LENIQ_ULU said: “I was with him when we decided to send it back, so…”

Siphiwehenryy said: “I encouraged him spiritually to return the money. Do I get anything?

mandlen80940958 said: “I also phoned him begging him to return it. I ran out of airtime now. Do I get anything?”

tshephang1602 said: “This was a tough decision for both of us to make. He personally consulted me and I advised him to send it back.”

MoscurryLeshawn said: “He’s my best friend, his phone fell in water 30 minutes ago… DM for an alternative number.”


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