Photso: Kim Kardashian breaks down in tears, reunites with husband over marriage meltdown

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West were spotted together for the first time since Kanye’s whole meltdown.

Recall, the two have been dragging a lot on social media and also trying to work things out.

While Kanye has apologised for his meltdown and what he said about Kim and her family, Kim still feels he needs professional help to conquer this battle once and for all.

Recall, Kanye was considering a divorce just a couple of days back and fans are hoping the two manage to work things out.

Kim really is showing just how much she loves and supports him, no matter what he has said.

Recently, Kanye was reportedly seen in a hospital where he went as regarding his “anxiety” issue.

While it is never easy going through something like this, having literally the entire world chipping in does not make it any easier for Kim and Kanye.

However, it was learnt that Kim and Kanye were seen grabbing some food at Wendy’s recently.

Kim has been doing the most to try and help her hubby get the help he needs.

Kim has been travelling back and forth from home base to Cody, Wyoming trying to get Kanye to accept treatment for his mental disorder.

Kim really deserves the most for sticking by his side through all of this.

Shame, Kim has really taken on a lot.

Pictures of Kim breaking down in the car have done the rounds and fans are hoping something good comes out of all of this.



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